Uy, Nicolasora and Associates


Uy, Nicolasora and Associates (UNA) was set up only last May 2011 by two dedicated CPAs who both had a wealth of private and public accounting practice to back them up. We started in a small home- office, with only two full time accounting staffs. We are now offering Tax, Auditing and Accounting Services in Manila.

Our break was given to us when our very first client, a very large real estate development company offered to get our services, even if we did not yet have any established track record, but basing it only on the individual capabilities and reputation of the Partners. Proving our worth through the quality of our services, UNA’s reputation spread among the other affiliated companies and soon we were getting more clients through word of mouth.

In two years time, were able to transfer to a bigger office and we now have the full complement of about twenty full time management staffs and several project employees servicing more than fifty large, small and medium sized enterprises for their accounting, internal audit and tax needs, both in the Philippines and abroad.

WE CARE therefore we exercise DUE CARE

Each individual client is important to us. Our clients are treated more as business partners rather than mere clients. By business partners we mean we care about their business, their growth and expansions, their strengths and weaknesses and their company status in relation to their industry. We make it a point to research about their industry and to obtain a firm grasp of the nature of their business as soon as we engage with them. This way, we not only provide their monthly financial status but we also provide management advisory services. We can only do this by maintaining professional competence through continuing awareness and understanding of relevant technical, professional and business developments in relation to their business.

No client or business is too small for us

Big or small, we treat each business that we handle with utmost professionalism. We apply the same principles, we conduct the same procedures to learn more about their business and industry, and we render the same kind of attention to each of them. Our client may belong to the top 20,000 corporations and may be classified as IFRS or it may be an SME or even a newly established sole proprietorship, as long as they approach us and specifically ask for our services, then we immediately treat them with due care and professionalism. We know that if a previous or existing client referred them to us, then we must render the same treatment we gave the others in order to maintain our reputation and integrity.

UNA is a One Stop OFFICE

Knowing that many of our clients are SMEs, we realize that they may want to deal with only one office to take care of all their accounting, tax, internal audit, systems and procedures and even sometime certain legal needs and requirements. It is because of this that we have established connections with appropriate agencies and professionals so that our clients need only to deal with us and we offer solutions based on the professional advice and recommendations of our legal associates and other connections in other fields. We endorse them directly to our legal associate should they require in depth discussions regarding their legal issues.

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